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The Perfumer's Workbook
Perfume Development Software

PerfumersWorld is in the business of creating, consulting, and training. They are well known for both their 5-day entry level workshops and for their 10-day professional workshops.

Less well known is that PerfumersWorld is a major source of fragrance and spa products, sold under their own and private label names, in Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Additionally, PerfumersWorld offers consulting to clients within the industry. This work gave rise to The Perfumer's Workbook Professional Edition fragrance development software installed with a database of 3,000+ aroma materials. PerfumersWorld can provide on-site installation and training for this fragrance and flavor development software. Its pricing currently begins at $5,000 USD and it is recommended for professional users only. (Serious professional inquiries are welcome.)

For the rest of us...

The original student version of The Perfumer's Workbook dates back a dozen years and includes a database of only 600 or so aroma materials but, like its professional big brother, allows the user to add additional aroma materials to its database. This software was developed on and for older computers and was widely used by both professionals and students until the advent of 64-bit Windows computers. (The original Perfumer's Workbook was never available for the Mac, either in the professional or student version.)

And now, for today's computers —

2013 marks the release of The Perfumre's Workbook in a 64-bit compativle version that installs on either your latest Windows computer or your Mac. And this newly released Version 12.1.32 is available as a stand alone product. No need to purchase the PerfumersWorld Foundation Course to get it.

In the weeks ahead we will be laying out an extensive description of this software including screen shots. We are currently using it ourselves, on a thumb drive, so we can take it — and our formulas — back and forth from one office to another.

Fragrance Design Tools

The Perfumer's Workbook is much more than a simple way to record your formulas. Integrated tools allows you to analyze your formulas for aroma qualities and tenacity. They also allow you to query the software for suggestions on refining your formula for balance, complexity, and cost.

If you have an idea in mind but aren't sure how to build that idea into a perfume formula, The Perfumer's Workbook's wizards can walk you through the creation steps required and produce a full, professional, production formula for you in just minutes.

Order this fine product directly from our friends at PerfumersWorld

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